Blue-chip CATV Encoder Modulators for sale in California (Santa Ana/USA), including CATV Modulators, DVB Encoders, RF CATV and IPTV OTT STB’s, DVB-S/S2 Satellite Modulators, L-Band Satellite RF 45-3000Mhz and Wireless HD SD Video Data Transport

Looking for best quality SDI converters, MPEG Converters, RF CATV and IPTV OTT STB’s, DVB-S/S2 Satellite Modulators, Fiber Optic Transport or Wireless HD SD Video Data Equipment in and around California (Santa Ana) you may be interested to know that Thor Fiber specialises in blue-chip complete line of decoding equipment for transport any signal over IP, Fiber and RF. Thor Broadcast have been dependable manufacturers of CATV and Fiber Transport hardware for over 2 decades in education and Live events. If you would like to get more details about their products, please don’t hesitate to contact their experts today to help solve your CATV/IP/Fiber dilemmas here locally in California (Santa Ana). Using a wide range of demux technologies we’re able to bring world class custom orders to your company in no time. Our top-notch CATV Encoder Modulators such as Optical Meters or Wireless HD SD Video Data Equipment} have been touted globally as an all inclusive headend in a box, encoding any input e.g. SDI in Mpeg2 and outputting on ASI in Ultra Low Latency simultaneously makes it a perfect fit for any application. Our customers range from businesses all over the world, and especially here in the USA featuring NASA and the DOD. For additional details on their wide range of CATV Encoder Modulators for sale in California (Santa Ana/USA), please don’t hesitate to give us a call on or send us an e-mail to

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HDMI to QAM modulator is used to allow the programming on an RF channel to be viewed on FULL HD, and also play any channel you like through any HDMI compatible gadget. Your RF infrastructure’s 4 district QAM channels can be used for playing any video format or digital signage. Particularly, this will work by enabling easy plug and play feature on your device. The proper installation of the units are done just by Thor Fiber’s engineers. There are several main solutions on the list. A lot of them are Digital Signage, Set Top Box, Video Game System, Blu-Ray, Security Camera, PC, DVD, and Video Insertion on current Cable TV channel lineup. Get 1080i or 1080p video qualities utilizing Thor’s top quality encoder. The Thor QAM-IP chassis with Web Management is a good device for creating you own TV channel. It’s also perfect to use CATV Modulators mainly because they adopt phase locked loop technology and medium frequency treatment technique. Stable and less distorted signals are provided by these features. These headend equipment modulators are ideal for medium to big CATV systems mainly because they utilize adjacent channel modulation of image and acoustical signals.

An additional character of a wise consumer is being cautious with every move he makes and that includes choosing SDI converters and modulators in California (Santa Ana) that are worth his hard-earned cash.

The Advanced Television Systems Committee (ASTC) that is used by North American television systems includes the 8 level Vestigial Side Band modulation or 8VSB. This new kind of RF has new features that the North American Market and the ATSC Program & System Specific Information PSIP tables finds this method fresh. By using North American set top boxes, program streams can be made by the modulators’ output RF carriers. In the modulator control page, one can alter PSIP and electronic program PID tables configurations. Intel’s Dolby AC/3 audio codec to Motorola or Scientific Atlanta systems STBs might be chosen by clients since they are compatible with most devices. Many common television systems around the world accept connection from Thor SDI converters and SDI modulators. The existence of the VSB in the model number is an indication that the ATSC 8VSB modulation has got the ideal firmware.

At this point, you might begin to question exactly what aspects go into a premium quality IP to CATV Edge Modulators in California (Santa Ana).

By using IP to CATV Edge Modulators, it’s possible to convert IP Transport Streams (up to 1024) in UDP / RTP into 16 QAM Channels that are non-adjacent. You might use this high-density IP to QAM modulator by Thor Broadcast to take content transmitted through an IP backbone or CDN system and perform programming modulation on to digital QAM cable channels to be able to distribute over coax. Included in this item is a 1RU chassis that supports two individual Internet inputs and Ethernet RJ45 connector outputs that can be injected with up to 840Mbps. All programming are place on to a single RF F-Type connector to simply output in to your RF Coax infrastructure. Making your own IP to RF headend in a single chassis is feasible utilizing this single RU form factor. On the front of the unit, you can utilize the user-friendly NMS RJ45 port connection to organize all IP inputs and QAM Channels. This enables ease of access to your programming from Thor’s readable GUI, that is available within your network. The IPTV programming input is classified as standard headend format. It could also be called basic UDP / RTP unicast/multicast IGMP v2 / v3 addresses and port format.

The procedure of looking for the right Pro-DVB Encoders in California (Santa Ana) is time consuming.

The multiformat multi-input Pro-DVB Encoders by Thor come with a number of new benefits of the Thor encoder online. Such platform is wonderful for broadcasting applications and the broadcast industry in general. EIA 608 and 708 closed captioning is utilized in this system as requires by FCC regulations. It also comes with DVB-ASI input. The ASI transport stream will be the place for encoding content, which is now easier due to the improved ASI program multiplexing. The media servers will acquire the MPTS program streams that was created from externally encoded content which was multiplexed from the ASI input with the IP network video output. The program has got the Gigabit Ethernet TSoIP output feature with it. This second TS output is utilized to attain better performance in IPTV systems and is delivered through a standard RJ-45 port suitable for Three network interfaces. The varied network interface enables easy management of the multicast protocols and quicker performance of IPTV systems. The third network port is for the Thor web server management system feature. There are two audio inputs available that include DB9 breakout cables: digital AES and analog audio.

When shopping for IP Network Encoders and Decoders in California (Santa Ana), plenty of elements need consideration in order for you to get a wise purchase.

The basic UDP or RP protocol limits the network transport stream IP outputs from the majority of encoders. The modern videos over IP applications are the reasons why the Thor H-NVS-3000 series IP Network Encoders and Decoders existed. The network conditions should be good when transmitting video streams to local tools on the same subnet as well as ensuring maximum performance of the video protocols. Effective transfer of codes across WAN networks or over the public internet needs the modern network video protocols such as RTSP or HTTP. Even when you utilize the public internet to stream using video applications, you’ll get 1080p at 60fps of live video streams with the Thor Network Video Servers. When the best condition of the network help achieve the internal server system’s RTSP or HTTP support, the multicast type architecture gains an advantage. RTSP or HTTP protocols can be used for exclusive video streaming.

This document will provide you with everything that you want to learn about IP to ASI and ASI to IP Gateway in California (Santa Ana).

Making use of the IP to ASI and ASI to IP technology of Thor Broadcast, customers will see how quick and easy it is to transfer an MPEG transport stream (MPEG Converters) over an IP network. The process of transporting the digital streams could rely on the IP to ASI and ASI to IP Gateway technology by Thor Broadcast, especially if it needs MPEG transport stream broadcasting in SFN networks. Save time and expenses by linking 2 broadcasting locations through DVB-ASI video transport links with the ASI to IP gateways for MPEG 2 transport of ASI video through IP Ethernet networks from Thor Broadcast. With the H-1 ASI to IP as the ASI over IP encapsulator, it’s easier to connect bridges through the MPEG transport streams and the wireless network equipment. Thor Broadcast’s H-1 ASI to IP system is categorized as The ASI over IP video gateway for Digital Video Broadcast systems.

We really do not wish to have something that isn’t worth our hard-earned money, so being extra cautious whenever selecting H-IRD Integrated Reciever Decoder (IRD) in California (Santa Ana) will genuinely help.

A great example of a quality Broadcast Receiver and Decoder that could decode MPEG2 or MPEG4 transport streams is H-IRD Integrated Receiver Decoder (IRD). HDMI, CVBS, IP, HD-SDI, and YPbP are some of the supported formats of the unit’s professional quality outputs. Thor H-IRD also features receiving and rebroadcasting of IP streams. Numerous common output formats are contained in the Thor IRD, which can get different signal standards. The unit contains HDMI output and could perform MPEG and MPEG4 transport streams decoding. Global projects may opt for this unit because it also functions decoding of DVB-C/T signals. The IRD’s 9 port IP board allows an incoming IP stream to get decoded and then rebroadcast to up to 9 other IP addresses, making the unit perfect for future IP integration. The V2 model of Thor’s H-HD-IRD line is a widely used broadcast decoder with a huge selection of applications in the digital headend.

An additional character of a smart purchaser is being watchful with every move he takes and that includes selecting Integrated Receiver Decoders in California (Santa Ana) that are worth his hard-earned cash.

Decoders are used to improve the quality of the streamed videos, but you need the best Integrated Receiver Decoders. Every Thor H-HD-IRD unit has perfect compatibility with main video signal outputs. The HD-SDI is a unit that is known for receiving high quality videos professionally. There is a standard Dolby AC/3 audio and support for both 608 and 708 captioning systems. Digital audio outputs are suitable for Toslink and XLR connectors, even when their functions are modern. Customers pick the V3 for its great features. The front panel LCD video display enables superb monitoring with crystal clear video. The ASI and IP sources are combined using the internal program multiplexer.

We do not want to have something which just isn’t worth our hard-earned money, so being extra skeptical in choosing IP to HD/SD SDI Integrated Receiver Decoder in California (Santa Ana) will definitely help.

If you need a good Hardware Decoder for ASI, IP TS Stream, and RF Carriers with Several Video Outputs, choose IP to HD/SD SDI Integrated Receiver Decoder. The output broadcast quality video comes with HD-SDI that supports embedded stereo audio. Legacy NTSC or PAL configurations support composite D1 video as well as balanced analog audio. It is possible to execute conversion of HD 1080i or 720p to Composite or SDI using the decoder. This basic level IRD presents broadcast level video decoding of encoded video from satellite or terrestrial RF sources. This IP Broadcast Decoders platform is preferably designed for decoding ASI inputs, and could easily cycle through MPTS programs via the front panel.

We are going to discuss the things which identify the very best RF CATV and IPTV OTT STB in California (Santa Ana), consider checking it.

The RF CATV and IPTV OTT STB’s hardware has the Digital TV RF modulation to use. This certain modulation enables distribution of Video signals in many different applications on HD. Just like transitioning to another channel, it is easy to show video on a screen. This is because QAM or ATSCN digital TV tuners are available in most televisions. A single coaxial cable can service countless video programs concurrently by just splitting and amplifying it as well as distributing it to more displays. If you have been experiencing troubles as you have no digital tuners, or no system is compatible with H.264, you need the Digital TV Set Top Box Tuner/Decoder. By utilizing this STB, computer monitors and other display platforms will be able to present Digital TV even if the unit doesn’t have any tuners.

Thor Broadcast caters the demand of any sector, be it private or public. Through their expertise, your needs will be addressed by excellent employees who work efficiently and innovatively. Your needs can be managed through their expertise in creating answers. Call them at or email them your queries if you wish to receive their services. Schedule an appointment for your Cable Televsion Broadcast Solution plans with their representatives in California (Santa Ana). If you want to know more information about the solutions, ask from Thor Broadcast. Check Thor Broadcast’s top quality CATV Encoder Modulators for sale in California (Santa Ana) today. For more details on their wide range of CATV Modulators, Pro-DVB Encoders, RF Decoders IRD’s, DVB-S/S2 Satellite Modulators, Analog Baseband Video Audio or Wireless HD SD Video Data Transport, please feel free to give us a call on or dropp us your questions to